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Remote Church Video Broadcasting

Broadcast your events with up to 16 cameras with live-switching, transitions, lower-thirds and much more. Use our remote production assistance to add a professional touch; ideal for religious services, internet talk shows, conferences and more.



The Remote Church Video System is part of the EasyTV family of products and services designed to provide a simple, high-high quality alternative to expensive onsite camera crews or video studio visits. US-based Kephas TV Corporation and its counterparts in Europe have been providing video broadcasting solutions since 2002 for ecclesiastical and charitable organizations all over the world. We believe that if you have a good message than the world should be able to see it. We also believe that, just as importantly, the world should see it with the level of quality that your unique message deserves. With that in mind, we partner with you to provide all the elements required to deliver a professional produced live-streaming or broadcasting event. Share the most important events IN the world WITH the world.

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Worry about the message and not all the other technical stuff. Our solution takes the guess work out of live-streaming and video production. A trained producer is always available to help manage your event.


Our products provide HD quality video using state-of-the-art lights and audio equipment that best fits your budget and needs.


We work with you to provide a solution that is minimalist in nature, providing a solution that conceals easily and doesn’t detract from your worship service or other events.


We use the proven proprietary equipment and technology that deliver at the highest quality at ideal prices. We choose equipment for its value and durability based on our years of experience broadcasting and producing live events.


We will conduct a site survey first to understand your needs. An engineer will custom design a solution that will provide you with broadcasting flexibility and simplicity.


Since we’ve partnered for years with houses of worship, we know the importance of reverence and respect for your holy events and other ceremonies. Our team will always show the dignity and respect that your event deserves. Our cameras and equipment use the highest standards of security and privacy.


Remote Church offers a variety of products and services to Live Stream your events. Find out more below.


Our team is constantly growing with every new Remote Church installation so that we can meet your event broadcasting needs. Below are a few of our team members that are working to make your experience a good one.

Francisco Martinez


As a software developer, I’m responsible for assisting in the setup and management of our remote church solutions.

Erwin Salinas


As a software developer, I’m constantly reviewing our software solution to make sure it is working and effective.

Stephen Stephens

Project Manager

As a project manager for Remote Church installations, I’m making sure that the system that we design and install will meet or exceed your requirements.

Patrick Gruhn


As a producer of your events, I’ll be working with you to make sure your event is broadcast in the best, most professional way possible.

Manfred Hueber


As a producer of thousands of events in the past, I have the expertise to know what it takes to make your event the best possible.

How it works

The Remote Church system is a service delivered by Kephas TV Corporation using our state-of-the-art video capturing technology, broadcasting infrastructure and proprietary camera equipment. We’ve already partnered with several well-known ecclesiastical institutions to help deliver simple, trouble-free event broadcasts without the need to schedule or manage an onsite camera crew or inexperienced volunteers. The Remote Church broadcasting solution is designed to take the complexity out of your live-streaming and recording needs and allow you to instead focus on your message and audience. We ensure delivery of a top quality production while live-streaming your events in real-time or recording your events for future broadcasts.

Via discreetly installed mini cameras and a remote telecast, churches are able to broadcast services to viewers without requiring an expensive production team. Remote Church enables parishes to digitally extend their reach to their congregation with a direct connection to those unable to attend service, such as those impaired or confined to homecare, or those traveling or living in remote areas. It is now the most affordable remote broadcast solution available on the market.

Once we have completed a site survey and have custom designed and delivered a solution for you, we are able to live-produce your events with as little as one hour notice. Our video production technology coupled with our remote professional producer allows us manage your event and deliver a hands-free solution. The Remote Church broadcasting solution is a unique product and service that will reduce your overall costs, provide a professionally produced experience for all of your viewers and allow you to live stream more and more of the most important events that you would like to share with the world.

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We are working to help hundreds of worship services and other Remote Church users to broadcast their most important events.
We are so excited to be able to use the Remote Church platform. This new system will help us deliver professional content to our TV station and live-streaming services as well as reduce our need to send professional crews all over Germany.

Max Rhotert

K-TV Managing Director
The Remote Church Video System is a great idea and will help deliver worship services more readily than we’ve been able to achieve in the past. Because of this new system, more people will benefit from great content from churches and learning centers all across Europe.

Johannes Hattler

TV Channel Consultant
It is interesting that a system like Remote Church is now becoming available. The prohibitive cost of producing professional quality events has forced us to reduce the number of simultaneous live-streaming events on the web. Now with Remote Church, our message can be delivered from multiple places all at once.

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